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Social Media Marketing

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How to Position Yourself as an Expert So Clients Can See the Depth of What You Have to Offer


Tip #2

What to Post to Make Your and Your Services More Visible Online

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Tip #3

Where to Post on Social Media and How Often to Build a Like, Know, Trust Factor with Clients

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Jenny is an online business coach for entrepreneurs who are ready to position themselves as an expert, create money making packages and programs, grow their tribe, and generate consistent income while making a difference in the world. It's time to step up and out. The world needs your specific contribution.

She lives in Louisville, KY with her daughter and LOVES creating life on her terms. She loves teaching others how to design their lives and businesses, build their belief and create consistent income being who they are.

Jenny's Free Training: "The Simple Formula for Creating Content that will Attract Your Ideal High Paying Clients" will walk you step-by-step through creating effective blog posts, teach you a formula that you can plug your ideas into and simplify your content creation process.